Perhaps you have considered fostering an adult or infant animal found at your local shelter. There may be kittens or puppies too young to be at the shelter and perhaps might need to be bottle fed. You will be given careful instruction on exactly how to do this and provided the tools to accomplish the task.

Should you resist because of concern you might become too attached to return the animal for adoption, the staff at the shelter will be happy to share how it’s done. Frankly, the joy of knowing your foster animal has consistent love and care from its new owner will warm your heart enough to allow you to let go. Every pet should be an active part of a family and you can help that happen for some.

Whether you want to foster animals at are young, seniors or in between, your love and commitment to them will get them out of the shelter and get them ready for a New Life.

So pause no more! Feel free to contact local shelters in your community now and become an animal’s foster mom or dad.

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