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Community Partnership for Pets, Inc. (CPPI) became a nonprofit in August 2005. The founders started CPPI after spending over 30 years working with rescue groups, humane societies and open-admission shelters in New York, Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina.  They saw first hand that rescue and adoption alone would never reduce the steady flow of animals in need. 


They interviewed many groups involved in animal welfare to understand why so many animals were neglected, unwanted and homeless in the first place. After reviewing animal shelter processes and data, they found there were many reasons that contributed to high intake and euthanasia in North Carolina shelters. They then put together a combination of programs along with funding and began to implemented these programs in counties across North Carolina. Within a few years, these programs began to produce results in the counties CPPI was working with. Results included intake and euthanasia went down, adoptions were up, fewer stray animals abandoned in the county, etc..  Today, CPPI is working with counties across North Carolina to get these programs in place and funded.        
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Their work started with one county, but over time they expanded to help other Western North Carolina counties. Within a few years, these programs, along with funding started to show results. Results in fewer animal coming in and dying in animal shelters, increased adoptions, few neglect cases, fewer strays found in the community, etc..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































If you would  like more information about our programs  please contact us at 828-693-5172. We are here to help dogs and cats across North Carolina. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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