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Established in Henderson County, North Carolina in 2005, our commitment is to partner with counties across NC in an effort to reduce unwanted litters and minimize the need to euthanize un-owned animals and those being cared for.

  • What is needed to accomplish this:
    Low cost spay/neuter sterilization surgery programs to stop breeding that results in unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.
  • Provide public education to reduce abandoned pets and minimize the numbers ending up in county-run animal shelters.
  • Expedite animal adoptions of those already in county-run animal shelters.

CPPI has implemented a 4 part program that includes spay/neuter sterilization surgeries, routine veterinary care including vaccinations, emergency veterinary care, and pet food assistance.

Partnering with businesses or agencies such as the Department of Social Services, veterinarians, Animal Control, Shelters we are able to connect with people and pets who most need our help.

In Henderson County, 52% fewer animals have come into the county-run shelter and 78% fewer have been euthanized. Other counties that we assist are seeing similar results. This is significant as we now know that our programs along with funding can produce success even in under-served counties.

If you feel your community or county could benefit from the programs we have available, please contact us at 828-693-5172.

Official DDAF Grantee

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