Community Partners

Beaufort County – Paws and Love, Inc.

Paws and Love, Inc. is a small, all volunteer non profit in Beaufort County, NC. Their focus is to trap, spay/neuter and vaccinate feral and unowned cats in and around Washington, NC. As with most feral and unowned cats, they usually have someone who cares about them and provides them with food, water and shelter.  The volunteers set traps, takes the cats to a local veterinarian for spay/neuter surgery and then returns them to their caretakers.  For those cats that who do not have a caretaker or are located close to a shopping center, gas station or the road, they are usually trapped and relocated, if possible.  Working with a local pet food pantry, their goal is to help caretakers spay/neuter and feed the cats they are caring for.

As in most communities across NC, feral cats are considered a nuisance, and when trapped by local animal control they are taken to the shelter and euthanized. Understanding the dynamics of a how to manage a feral colony of cats is key to keeping them from breeding and thereby becoming a nuisance and dying.

Founder of Paws & Love, Inc, Audra Cutshaw, is ‘on the road again’.  She wears many hats when working to save feral cats.  Many times feral cats are not really feral at all. They were owned and cared for by someone at one time; however, now they find themselves abandoned. These friendly cats, when trapped and spayed or neutered, are adopted or transported to other rescue groups for adoption. These are a few of the cats that Audra is taking to a rescue group to be adopted.

This little baby was found as an orphan. Bottle fed by Audra and loved by many, he was later adopted into his forever home.

Working with feral cats is a difficult project for volunteers and veterinarians. Volunteers never know how many cats they can trap in one day and this means it is difficult to schedule time with the veterinarian. We thank the Pamelico Animal Hospital for their commitment to Paws and Love and the feral cats.

Working with NC State Veterinary School in Raleigh, NC the ‘team’ took a break for a photo op.  Every quarter the volunteers from Paws & Love, a local humane society and veterinarian students and staff all come together to get ‘lots’ of feral cats spayed, neutered and vaccinated. Transporting feral cats from Washington, NC to the NC State Veterinary School takes hard work on everyone’s part. The end result is so many unwanted kittens will not be born. Thank You to all to make this quarterly event such a success !

When working in feral colonies, it is important that ALL the cats are trapped. Setting many traps. like in this photo, is a labor of love. It takes a lot of time, work, patience and good smelly cat food to coax these cats into these traps. We thank the volunteers at Paws and Love for their commitment to these precious cats.

After feral cats are spayed, neutered and vaccinated they come back to this temporary area for their caretakers to pick them up and take them home. We thank the volunteers, caretakers and the veterinarians and clinics for working so hard to give these feral cats a SECOND CHANCE.

The Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC

The Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC was founded in 2013 by four ladies who wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and pets in Eastern NC. They knew first hand that animals were surrendered to local animal shelters when their owners faced a financial crisis. Low income families makes choices each day on how to feed and care for themselves and their pets.

The Pantry serves five NC counties at this time (Beaufort, Green, Lenior, Martin and Pitt counties). The Pantry receives pet food from a variety of sources and work hard to make sure they have ample food and pet products available. They are giving food and hope to these families and their pets.

The Pantry also requires families to spay/neuter their pets in order to receive long-term assistance.  Community Partnership for Pets is honored to work alongside this group to fund spay/neuter surgeries for these pets.

The Pet Food Pantry is staffed by a group of wonderful people who care about the people and pets in their community.

One of the families served by the Pet Food Pantry. The owner, after being injured needed help to feed his wonderful golden retriever. Smiles Abound as people and pets make their way to the Pet Food Pantry for help.

The Pet Food Pantry volunteers are always on the move. With the recent 2018 Hurricanes they have traveled tireless to various areas top help displaced families feed and care for their pets. They are passionate and committed and CPPI is honored to be working with them. 

Meet Peanut, a chihuahua-terrier mix. His owner is a Veteran and lives on a limited-fixed income.  The Pet Food Pantry provides families with pet food assistance plus they offer free spay/neuter assistance so as to avoid those ‘unwanted litters’. 

The Pet Food Pantry knows that cost of the spay/neuter surgery is the primary reason many owned pets do not get altered. By offering free spay/neuter to help low income pet owners fix their pets, reduces the number of unwanted animals from entering local shelters. These 3 sweet-babies have all been fixed and come to the Pet Food Pantry once a month to get pet food and other goodies.

The Pet Food Pantry has been involved with the recent 2018 Hurricanes that made their away across NC. Hurricane Florence and Michael sent the Pet Food Pantry Team into action to provide pet food and supplies to families and pets that were displaced.

Granville County – Granville County Animal Shelter

The Granville County Animal Shelter is an open admission Shelter and currently does not have either a spay/neuter before adoption or a public spay/neuter program in place. Community Partnership for Pets is working with the Shelter to create both of these programs. The Shelter Director has put together a spay/neuter process and associated programs that will allow spaying/neutering to become an important part of the Shelter’s operations.

The Humane Society of Granville County is a key partner in Granville. They currently have a small spay/neuter program in place that provides families spay/neuter vouchers when they pick up free pet food at the Humane Society’s monthly Pet Food Pantry.

Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM) and CPPI is very happy to be working with these two agencies. CPPI has two of our Directors that live in the Granville area and they are coordinating work for Granville, Warren and Vance Counties.


Shelter Director of Granville County, Matt Katz. Matt can be found on weekends at adoption events, grand openings for the new Granville Dog Park and just about anything animal related.

Grand Opening of the new Hix Dog Park in Oxford, NC (Granville County).

First customer at the new Hix Dog Park in Granville County, NC.

Granville County Rabies Clinic held Saturday, April 28, 2018.

Granville County Humane Society Fundraiser held April 4, 2018. Pictured is Anne Crews, President of the Humane Society and spokesdog, Murphy.

A sweet cat, one of the many saved by the Granville County Humane Society.

Montgomery County Humane Society

The Montgomery County Humane Society and the County Animal Shelter sit next door to each other.  The Humane Society is a no-kill facility and pulls dogs and cats from the County Animal Shelter. .

The Humane Society is operated by a dedicated Shelter Director and volunteers who make sure the animals in their care find their loving, forever home. Each animal adopted from the Humane Society is spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ready to be adopted into their new ‘forever home’.

Community Partnership for Pets is working with the Humane Society by writing for grants and helping with on-line fundraising. In addition, we are providing funding to help spay/neuter pets belonging to low income families in Montgomery County.

Meet Sally Morris, Founder and Director of the Montgomery County Humane Society.

Creating happy endings is what all the animal shelters in NC hope for.  Many ‘great matches’ are made when families come to the Montgomery County Humane Society. Smiles Abound!

For all the ‘happy tails’ at the Humane Society, there are also those sad cases. This poor dog, Bones, came into the County Animal Shelter as a stray.  Seeing his sweet spirit and need for a 2nd Chance, the Humane Society took him into their Shelter.  On-line fundraising has been going on to raise money to cover all of his medical needs.  Bones has found a loving, forever home with an older gentleman in Montgomery County.

Pitt County – Pitt County Animal Shelter

The Pitt County Animal Shelter is an open admission Shelter and the Shelter Director and Staff work at a 100 mph to ensure the maximum number of dogs and cats leave this Shelter alive!  They do not take ‘no’ for an answer.  They explore all options to ensure a successful outcome for whatever problem they are facing.  Again, this is a small shelter, working with a modest budget, but they have big ideas and big plans for making sure each and every animal that comes to them gets the best chance possible to find a Forever Home.

Community Partnership for Pets, Inc. (CPPI)  is working with this Shelter to provide funding for their Community Cat program.  The Shelter Director and County has agreed to fund more spay/neuter surgeries, by matching a grant offered by CPPI.  The County understands that spay/neuter is an important part of the caring about the people and pets in the community.

If you are a Pitt County resident and want to spay/neuter your pet,

please call 252 902 1726. 

Michele Whaley – Pitt County Shelter Director

Photo taken in Austin, TX at a recent Best Friends conference.

The Pitt County Shelter has taken the next step to reduce the number of homeless cats entering and dying at their Shelter.  They have put in place a TNR (trap-neuter-release) program to trap community cats. A community cat is either a feral cat or unowned (stray) cat. Community Partnership for Pets and the Pitt County government has set aside money for this spay/neuter program.

Just two more precious cats being transported to the spay/neuter clinic for their surgery and vaccinations.  The Pitt County Shelter and Staff are committed to saving lives, one animal and one litter at a time.

Nothing better than a pet finding their forever home with a family.

The Pitt County Shelter is very involved in educating the next generation of children through their Pet Responsibility Program. This photo is of the Assembly event held on the last day of the Pet Responsibility Class.

Improving the lives of animals comes in many forms including building fences so pets can enjoy a chain-free life.

Polk County – Foothills Humane Society

The Foothills Humane Society is an open admission Shelter; however, because of the dedication of the Executive Director, Shelter Staff, Board and Volunteers, they operate like a no-kill Shelter ensuring a positive outcome for the dogs and cats that come to them.

Community Partnership for Pets has been working with the Foothills Humane Society to improve their spay/neuter program by making changes to their processes as well as writing for grants.

In addition, the Labor of Love transport team, a volunteer group of 3 ladies,  is an integral part of the Shelter. These ladies work  hundreds of hours each week to connect dogs with Northeastern Rescues. Truly a Labor of Love!

If you are a Polk County resident and want to purchase a spay/neuter voucher,

please call 828 863 4445.   

This is Chris Taylor, Executive Director of Foothills Humane Society. Chris loves all animals as shown in this picture of her visiting the goats living on the Carl Sandburg Estate in Flat Rock, NC.

Photo of the annual Animal Fair fundraiser held at Speigel Farms in Landrum, SC. The event is awesome and raises money to provide services for all the dogs and cats that come into the Foothills Humane Society.

Cute puppies at the annual Animal Fair fundraiser in Landrum, SC.

Foothills Humane Society partners with several groups that support Our Heros, Our Veterans, through dog training, veterinary care for service dogs, etc..

The Humane Society never misses an opportunity to make sure senior dogs and cats get all the exposure possible so they too, can find a forever home.

A sweet cat, one of the many saved by the Foothill County Humane Society.

Rutherford County – Pets Are Worth Saving (P.A.W.S.)

The P.A.W.S. Board and Volunteers are a seamless team who pull out all the stops to make sure that every dog or cat that comes to them has a safety-net.  In addition, they care equally about the families in the community that have pets and may be struggling in many ways. They provide low income families with free pet food, veterinarian care or really whatever is needed to make life better for these families and their pets. This is an all volunteer nonprofit and each and every dollar they receive is stretched to the maximum. These folks are working to make Rutherford County a No-Kill Community and if anyone can do it – they will make it happen!

Community Partnership for Pets has been working with Rutherford County for years; however, we are currently working with them by providing funding for their local veterinarian spay/neuter program and their two monthly spay/neuter transports to Asheville, NC.

If you are a  Rutherford County resident and want to spay/neuter your pet,

please call 888 422 7303. 

Meet Janice Mitchell, Founder of Pets Are Worth Saving of Rutherford County, NC (PAWS-RC).  Janice, along with her community are working to turn Rutherford County, NC into a No-Kill Community. PAWS-RC provides pet food to low income families, helps these same families with emergency veterinarian care and offers low cost and free spay/neuter services.  PAWS-RC is making a huge difference and we thank her and everyone working with this group.

Helping families keep their pets healthy is important to keep pets in their home.  PAWS-RC hosts frequent drive-through rabies vaccination clinics to help families in the community keep their pets’ rabies vaccinations up to date. Each service provided improves the lives of the animals in the community.

Donations, grants and fundraisers and support from Community Partnership for Pets, helps the PAWS-RC group fund the many programs that Save the Lives of animals in Rutherford County, NC.  A golf tournament brought animal lovers and golfers together for a great day of golf and to support a worthy organization. Take a closer look at the 16th green pictured here.  It is in Lake Lure, NC at the Bald Mountain Golf Course. This green was famous in the movie Dirty Dancing. 

Two times per month the team from P.A.W.S. coordinates spay/neuter surgeries through the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic in Asheville, NC. The van travels down, picks up 30-40 dogs and cats and takes them to the spay/neuter clinic in Asheville for their surgery and vaccinations. Next day, all pets are returned to Rutherford County where they families pick them up.

Many times the quality of life for a dog or cat can be improved with either a dog house, feral cat box or just a bag or two of pet food. The P.A.W.S. groups works to improve the lives of dogs and cats each day.

P.A.W.S. is part of a transport group that matches local dogs and cats with Forever Homes in the Northeast. This is Blue, one of the lucky ones who found his new family ‘Up North’.

Warren County – Warren County Animal Shelter

The Warren County Shelter is an open admission shelter in a rural part of NC (on the Virginia border).  They are in some ways out of sight and out of mind for many – but not for Community Partnership for Pets. They are on our radar.

The Shelter Director and Staff are dedicated to ensure that as many animals as possible find their way out of the Shelter through adoptions and transporting to Northeastern States.  Even though the Shelter works with a small County budget and small staff, they are passionate about the animals that cross their path.

We are working with the Shelter to get several varieties of spay/neuter programs in place. The non profit, known as CAP, has a modest spay/neuter program in place and we are working with them to add-to what they have already started. We all recognize you can never have too much money when it comes to spaying/neutering pets. Through grants, donations and a Fundraiser, put together by two local CPPI Directors, we have a nice stash-of-money to spay/neuter pets belonging low income Warren County families.

If you are a Warren County resident and want to purchase a spay/neuter voucher,

please call 252 257 6137.   

Dani Bowen, Warren County Shelter Director (front) and her staff pictured at the March 2018 Fundraiser “Pins for Pets”. Money raised from this event has been ear-marked for spay/neuter.

Teaching the next generation about caring for animals is important.  These are students from the Vaughan Elementary School visiting the Warren County Animal Shelter as part of the school’s Career Day. 

Students from the local Head Start program visited the Warren County Animal Shelter to have some hands-on time learning about dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.

Each animal at the Shelter is important and this sweetie is just waiting for her new family to come for her.

You always know when you find the right pet!  Always an instant ‘match made in heaven’.

Regular pet food drives and donations of pet food are very appreciated in a poor, rural Shelter like Warren County Animal Shelter.

Vance County – Vance County Animal Shelter

Vance County Animal Shelter is amazing. The Chief of Animal Services and the Shelter Staff do not know any limits when it comes to helping people and pets in their County.  The people under the roof of this Shelter are a resource to anyone and everyone and there is nothing they will not do to help either people or pets. This is an open admission shelter in a rural part of NC and they work to do whatever it takes to make sure each adoptable dog and cat can find a new Forever Home!

Community Partnership for Pets, Inc. (CPPI) is helping the Vance County Animal Shelter with funding so they can make sure no family who wants to spay/neuter their pets will be turned away due to funding. With regular rabies clinics, microchipping and a new pet tag machine, they are pro-active in keeping pets healthy and ensuring that lost pets are reunited with their owners.

They are also our Celebrity-Shelter ! With Chad Olds, Animal Control Officer, who plays his guitar to calm those at the Shelter (both people and pets).  Chad’s viral videos of his music at the Shelter has been featured on Good Morning America, Alan Jackson’s facebook page (yes, that Alan Jackson) , IHeart radio and stories in local Raleigh NC newspapers, to mention a few.

If you are a  Vance County resident and want to spay/neuter your pet,

please call 252 492 3136.   

This is Chief Frankie Nobles of Vance County Animal Services. He has a huge heart for the animals that enter the Shelter and he and his staff work tirelessly to make sure as many as possible will find loving, forever homes. We thank Frankie and everyone working with and helping the Vance County Animal Shelter.

One of the cuties at the Vance County Animal Shelter.  To ensure as many puppies and kittens find forever homes,
Community Partnership for Pets and the Vance County Animal Shelter are working together to spay/neuter as many pets as possible. We can never solve the problem to too many homeless animals until we have a solid spay/neuter program in place along with rescue/adoption.

The Vance County Animal Shelter has improved a fenced in area with ramps, edible plants and this area is now called the Enrichment Garden. This is a wonderful place where dogs can relax and have down-time vs. being in the Shelter all day. Looks like we have a happy customer here.

The SNAP-NC Van (Spay/Neuter Assistance Program of NC) comes to Vance County regular and does approximately 30 surgeries per day. Families are very happy to have this service available, because families know that spay/neuter ‘saves lives’.

Pet owners who had their pets fixed using the SNAP-NC van.

Vance County Animal Shelter sponsored a Veteran’s Walk to celebrate all they have done for our Country. The event includes many activities and adoptions.

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