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In North Carolina when a dog or cat comes into an open-admission animal shelter they must be held there for 72 hours in case their owner is looking for them.  If no one comes for them in 72 hours, then they can be made available for adoption or be transferred to a rescue group OR EUTHANIZED! 

To guarantee that dogs and cats at these shelters are NOT EUTHANIZED – you can Sponsor One of Them! 

When you donate $50 we immediately contact one of the animal shelters we are working with and get that sponsorship assigned to either a dog or cat whose time is ‘running out’.  This sponsorship is advertised on social media with the pet’s picture.  When a rescue group steps up to take the dog or cat into their adoption program, CPPI transfers 100% of that $50 sponsorship directly to the rescue group. The rescue groups uses this money for vaccinations, spay/neuter, etc.. This Program has saved hundreds of dogs and cats.  

Please consider a Sponsorship for dogs and cats just like these. It works by getting them out of the animal shelter quickly vs. them staying there and being euthanized.   


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