Partners for Pets

Since 2005, many more dogs and cats have been saved because of the generosity of our donors. Some donors have been with us since 2005 and others started donating after using our programs or donated to remember someone’s birthday.

However you came about donating to Community Partnership for Pets, your donation saved many dogs and cats across North Carolina. Thank You so much.

There are 100 counties in North Carolina and we want to be able to help any county who asks for help.

Our Partners for Pets campaign is designed to help us raise over $1M through larger donations.

If you can make a larger donation – that would be amazing.

If you cannot, then start by collecting smaller donations through friends, families and co-workers to become an Advocate Partner by raising a $1,000 with many smaller donations. Each dollar raised will save a life!

Please join us as a Partner for Pets.  


Levels of Funding


$1,000 + ……   ADVOCATE


$3,000 + ……  PROTECTOR 


$5,000+ ……  CHAMPION 


All donors to the Partners for Pets campaign will be recognized on our website and in our newsletter for the calendar year of the donation.

Partners for Pets

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