Often there are animals that, who through no fault of their own, end up in an animal shelter. It is not uncommon for people to assume the dog or cat is there because of behavior issues. However, it is commonly a result of hard times befalling a pet’s owner, or it might simply have been feral, struggling to survive without proper food, water or shelter.

Many county shelters we are currently working with have made great strides forward not only to find loving homes for strays but to assist pet owners by putting them in touch with agencies in their area who can provide veterinary care and pet food assistance. Most of these counties are small, rural and have a small annual budget provided by their county government. These shelters appreciate the generosity of businesses and private members of the community who provide monetary donations, as well as pet food, blankets, towels, etc. to help the shelter provide the best care possible.

It is becoming popular for children, aware of animals in need, to request friends and family, in lieu of personal gifts, to provide supplies needed by their local shelter. We applauded those families, schools, and churches who inspire compassion among children and families in their midst. Our society needs to return to olden day attitudes where those of a community care for each other regardless of how connected.

You too can play the part not only by teaching those among you lessons for compassion but by donating to a shelter in your community whenever able. If you cannot spare a monetary donation, perhaps one bag of food could be dropped off to a shelter or veterinary office as many partner with county shelters.

Whether once or monthly, each single dollar or smallest bag of food combined with others makes a big difference. Just as hundreds of people worldwide are creating nests and pouches for animals suffering in Australia due to bushfires, every bag of food goes a long, long way to help animals in your community and your local shelter.

Please be an animal hero and donate however you can and be assured you have our sincere gratitude.

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