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Where to Spay/Neuter Your Pet


If you are looking to spay or neuter a pet, you can click here to find an affordable clinic nearby. Enter your ZIP CODE at the top of page and you will see participating clinics and veterinarians in your community.


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Today, through rescue and adoption programs, we are saving many dogs and cats from suffering and dying both inside and outside of animal shelters. However, if we want to save even more, we must have easy to use, long-term and affordable spay/neuter programs available so anyone can fix their pet.

Community Partnership for Pets is working across North Carolina either set up and fund spay/neuter programs where nothing currently exists (or) improve and provide more funding to programs that may already be in place.

Please consider a donation, in any amount, to Spay or Neuter.          This will allow us to set up more programs in poor, rural counties across North Carolina.


Spay or Neuter

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