Dog discrimination often plays a tragic role in today’s society as news reports prove. Certain breeds repeatedly are faced with it due to negative reports of attacks on humans. Unfortunately all the facts are seldom laid out, specifically what precipitated that attack such as owner abuse etc. A simple lack of socialization during formative years can result in a fearful, anxious dog feeling the need to be defensive.

For those seeking to adopt a new pet, we strongly advise you to research the breed being considered. For example, the German Shepherd needs a job to do and often develops behavior issues when bored. The Labrador Retriever, another working breed, can become a beaver causing damage to belongings if not given that chance to retrieve. Australian Shepherds, Beagles and Border Collies, often adopted because they’re beautiful puppies, need owners with active lifestyles. They will not be the dog that quietly waits for something to do but instead absolutely will need to work off its high energy level.

Enough said. A good pet owner provides the dog generous affection and opportunity to be an active part of the family. And as state law requires, the dog must routinely receive fresh water and food as well as shelter if living outdoors.

REACH OUT! There are many dogs that need you at animal shelters. Ask questions about the one you might consider as the staff knows the answers and can help you decide if it will be a good fit for your lifestyle. The unconditional love of a dog will brighten your day, every day. Take the chance and ADOPT and bravo for doing so.

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