Across North Carolina there are dogs and cats sitting in rescue groups, humane societies and in city and county kill and no-kill shelters — all waiting for a family to take them home.

According to Best Friends in Kanab, UT, there are 2 million dogs and cats euthanized each year across the United States; however, 17 million families are actively looking to adopt a new pet.  Our Shelters would be  empty  if 1 out of 8 families would adopt their next pet from a rescue group, humane society or shelter.

When you are ready to get a new pet, start here:

First – visit the rescue groups, shelters and/or humane societies in your community.  Most of these groups have a website with pictures and bios of the dogs and cats at their facility.  If these groups are close to you, take a ride over and walk through to personally see the pets available for adoption. You will not be disappointed!  If possible, please give preference to adopting from those shelters that euthanized to make room for new animals – as you will truly be saving their life.

Second – listed below are websites with pictures and bios of dogs and cats available for adoption across the United States. When ready to adopt, click on the links below, specify the type of pet you are looking for (i.e. dog, cat, rabbit), how far you are willing to travel, age of pet, etc.. With a click of the button you will be linked to hundreds of wonderful animals waiting for you to take them home.

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