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To save dogs and cats in communities and Counties across North Carolina, we have to stop the daily birth of unwanted puppies and kittens AND we have to keep dogs, puppies, cats and kittens already living in the community out of the shelter.

Our new mission is to partner with community and County organizations across North Carolina to establish programs to focus on eliminating the suffering and euthanasia of dogs and cats. As we work with communities to implement these new programs, we have to  focus on getting the animals already in local shelters relocated as quickly as possible.  Even though there are many rescue groups, shelters and humane societies working to get animals to safety, many are still dying.

Please consider a donation, in any amount, to Sponsor a Pet.  These donations  will be used to pay for wellness examinations, spay/neuter and health certificates for animals being relocated to quality shelters and rescue groups outside of North Carolina.

Sponsor a Pet

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