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At what age can my dog or cat be spayed or neutered?

The local veterinarians will spay/neuter between the age of 4-6 months of age and more than 2 pounds. Humane Alliance Clinic – Asheville will spay/neuter at 3 months of age and pet must weigh 3 pounds. We leave the final age and weight decision to the veterinarians but this is a general range.

When should I call to make my appointment for my pet's surgery?

Please do not make an appointment until you have received your voucher in the mail. We usually mail vouchers 24 hours after receipt of payment. You must bring the voucher with you on the day of your pet’s appointment.

Where do I get the phone number and address of the veterinarian or clinic I have selected?

When you receive the voucher, it will have the name, address and phone number of the veterinarian or clinic you have selected when you signed up. Just call and make your appointment. Be sure and bring the voucher with you on the day of your pet’s appointment.

Does my pet have to stay overnight?

Drop off and pick up is normally same day for Henderson County residents using the local veterinarian program.

If you are using Humane Alliance Clinic – Asheville, drop off is one morning and pickup is the next morning Monday-Thursday. On Friday, Humane Alliance Clinic – Asheville will have drop off and pick up the same day but will only do surgeries for male cats, female cats and male dogs (no surgeries for female dogs on Friday).

Can I get my senior dog or cat spayed or neutered?

A pet of any age can be spayed or neutered; however, a pre-surgical blood test is required if the pet is over 8 years of age. Please call us to discuss surgery for older pets as we may have financial assistance toward the cost of the blood test.

Can I get help to spay or neuter my feral cats even though I cannot catch them?

Yes, we will loan you a Hav-A-Heart trap. We ask for a $50 refundable deposit which will be returned to you when you return the trap. We will give you instructions on how to set the trap and specifics on scheduling this surgery, since getting feral cats is not always an exact science.

Can I get a microchip or other vaccinations done at the time my pet is being spayed or neutered?

The voucher you purchased will cover your pet’s spay or neuter surgery and a rabies vaccination. If you want any other services such as microchip, heartworm testing, etc. please talk with the staff at the veterinarian’s office about these services and the associated costs. You will be responsible to pay for these additional services.

If you are using the Humane Alliance Clinic in Asheville for your pet’s surgery, you can pay for other vaccinations and testing; however, microchipping is not provided.

If my pet needs to have their teeth cleaned while they are having spay/neuter surgery, can I have this done?

Henderson County residents using the local veterinarian program can talk with the veterinarian’s staff about having this additional service and the cost associated to it. These services will be at the owner’s expense. Humane Alliance Clinic – Asheville does not offer any dental services.

If my pet gets sick after their spay or neuter surgery, who do I call?

Henderson County residents using the local veterinarian program would call the veterinarian who performed their pet’s surgery for any follow up. If you are using Humane Alliance Clinic – Asheville, then you will need to contact this clinic directly or your own veterinarian for assistance.

I have feral cats I am feeding, but do not want to care for them anymore, can you take them and get them adopted?

If you have stray or feral cats that you do not want to care for, call the Sheriff’s Dept. Animal Control. They will set traps to catch them. The phone number is 828-697-4911. These cats, once trapped, will be taken to the Animal Shelter and euthanized. We do not like to see any animals destroyed. So, if you are able to feed and care for these cats, we would recommend you spay/neuter/vaccinate them and return them to your property to care for them. This will prevent future litters.

Where can I find a list of rescue groups in Western North Carolina?

This is a partial list of rescues in our area. Please visit Petfinder, then enter your zipcode and type of pet you are looking for to see a list of pets within a 50 mile radius of your home.

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